Thursday, April 29, 2010

Discover the Secrets of a Walking Habit with your Green Pet Dog

What happens when your dog sees the leash? Probably they can’t wait any longer and wiggles all over with excitement. Walking is as beneficial to your green pet as it is to you. However, it’s not just exercise and a bathroom break for your pooch. Your dogs need social interaction and mental stimulation in addition to fresh air and exercise.
As eco pets, these are some health benefits that your dogs can get from walking:

Weight Control
Walking can be a dog’s regular exercise. It promotes the physical well-being and longevity of your dog. It supports cardiovascular health, builds muscle, and strengthens joints while keeping weight under control.

The number one disease found in most dogs of all ages is obesity. It can lead to major medical problems including arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, liver disease, bladder problems and many types of cancer. The weight loss benefit that comes from walking can alleviate and may even help prevent many of these debilitating ailments.

Behavioral Solutions
A green dog’s psychological health is just as important as his physical health. Walking plays a key role in your dog’s mental well-being.

Socialization means introducing your dog to different environments as possible. The many different dogs, humans, smells, and noises that your dogs encounter on regular walking create an ideal environment for healthy socialization.

Pet guardianship can give health benefits too. Research studies have found some health benefits offered by pets to their owners.
  • People walking their dogs are seen as friendly and approachable.
  • Stroking and patting your dogs can reduce the physiological indicators of stress, including high blood pressure.
  • The non-judgmental companionship and unconditional love offered by dogs are known to have considerable mental health benefits for pet guardians, including increased self-esteem.
Also have benefits to share for the community. Research has found that owning a pet can also benefit the whole community. Dog parents are more likely to:
  • Acknowledge and greet other people in the neighborhood
  • Exchange favors with their neighbors

Walking is known to be the best exercise for any age or lifestyle.  Doing it soon after he eats is the time most likely to urinate and defecate. Take a walk with your dog. Discover nature’s beauty together. Your dog deserves to live green, enjoy, be safe and be healthy.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Get a Green Pet Dog if You Want to Live Longer

Dogs are man's best friend. Do you also know that a dog can give several heath benefits? Based on studies done by medical professionals, dog owners benefit from their pet's presence in several ways. Do you want to know how can your green pet dogs help green your health?
1) Improved cardiovascular health
Dog guardians have been proven to have lower blood pressure and cholesterol than ordinary people. These reduce the chance for cardiovascular diseases. Stroking a dog has already long been known to reduce blood pressure.
2) Faster recovery time and higher survival rates
Hospital studies have found that seniors and recently operated on patients responded better to treatment. They even got better quickly while they were in contact with dogs and other therapy animals. Petting a dog can be relaxing and therapeutic for recovering patients.
Also, dog parents have a greater chance to survive after suffering from a serious illness. A study in New York found that pet's affected their survival rate even more than the presence or company of family members or friends.
3) Fewer visits to the doctor
A Medicare study for elderly patients discovered that those who have dogs pets visit the doctor less than those who don't have a pet. Studies conducted at Cambridge and UCLA also found out that owning a pet corresponds to overall improved health and less need for hospital visits.
4) Mental Wellness
Patients with dogs are known to have better emotional health than their counterparts. They offer unconditional love and affection. Their presence alone helps reduce loneliness for sick people who have otherwise been isolated. Several studies of sick people have shown that the stress of fighting the disease is significantly reduced when they had a dog as company.
As you can see, having a green dog is a great investment. There are lots of profit, the joy that you get from owning one and the health benefits that you can receive. So go out and get a green dog now, don’t miss the chance to live green.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Green Ways of Potty Training a Puppy

Potty training is an important kind of training for your puppy’s needs. In fact when you think of training your puppy, potty training is listed on top. Different breeds have different trainings. You need to be extremely patient with the puppy. Pet Puppies are after all babies. They need a lot of time to master potty procedure.

Puppies don’t have full control over their bowels or bladders. At times when they don’t know yet where to go, they can’t keep it holding any longer. Actually, it’s your job to keep them away from the carpets until they get fully potty
trained. Always follow some guidelines that can help in your potty training.

Before buying a puppy, make sure to buy it from a conscientious breeder who has started potty training already. When you can’t watch over your puppy, prefer to confine or crate him. You can also ask other members of the family to do exactly the same. You can confine him to a room that has washable or easy to clean tiles. Just in cases where the puppy is not yet completely potty trained.

Schedule your puppy’s daily activities.

1)      Always feed him about the same time everyday.
2)      Always make him go to bed same time everyday.
3)      Take him out to potty after each and every meal.
4)      Also take him out after an active play section, as he gets up from a nap, and in the morning wee hours.

Remember not to play with your puppy while you take him to potty so he will take his lessons seriously.

For green pets, this is totally beneficial and helpful. You have been learning to keep the environment safe and clean for your pets to live comfortably. So it’s good that you’ll start at early stages, have a strong foundation of training with your green dogs.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Ways to Prevent Your Green Pet Dogs from Suffering Dehydration

Few weeks ago, we have discussed the importance of green water for your green dogs. It was a very interesting fact that we have learned. If not given attention, something bad might happen to your green pets.
Dogs pets can suffer from dehydration. This can get serious and may lead to death. It's not like when humans get dehydrated. After drinking some water, they can cool off and will recover quickly. It’s harder for dogs to recover.
Cause & Prevention
Dehydration in dogs occurs when there is an extreme loss of bodily fluids. As eco pets, they always need a fresh supply of water. Indoors, make sure there’s at least one large bowl of water. During hot and humid summer months, try to keep them indoors. Sometimes, you can still keep them outside. Provided they have access to not only a constant supply of water, but also shady areas in which to rest.
Check some symptoms
Some signs to check out are:
 if the skin becomes tight
 if the eyes dry out
 if the tongue and nose dries
 have problems with the circulatory system
A sure sign of dehydration: Push your finger into his gums until the area under your finger turns white. If the color does not quickly return to normal, a delay is a sign of fluid loss, thus the dog is dehydrated.
First Aid Treatment
Once you determine that your dog is probably dehydrated,
 you need to cool him off and start replenishing fluids, but not too much.
 start wrapping his head and underbelly in a cool & wet towel.
 then take him to the vet immediately. The vet needs to do a full health check to make sure of the dog’s safety.
May the situation be caused by sickness, heat exposure, or lack of water intake; dehydration must be taken care of immediately. If it lasts for too long, your dogs organs can start failing and they will die. So, proper health care must be practiced for your green dogs. To stay green, drink green and live green.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Green Food Tips for your Pet Dogs Diet

Green Food Tips for your Pet Dogs Diet

What would be the best food to feed your dogs? One thing’s for sure, green dogs should be fed with green food. This can be a natural diet consisting of raw, natural food. The processed, canned and dry dog foods are not recommended for optimum health.
Raw meat and bones - should approximately consist of 60 to 70 % of daily ration.
1.      Free-range chicken, rabbit, mutton, duck, lamb, turkey and beef can be fed with the bones and some of the fat left on.
2.      Fresh or lightly steamed fish - bones removed.
3.      Free range organic chicken livers, heart or other offal - once or twice every week.
4.      Free range eggs – that are not more than two or three per week. Shell included if the dog likes them. 
Vegetables, Fruit & Sprouts – should approximately consist of 30 to 40 % of daily ration.
1.      Raw vegetables finely minced or pureed - include carrot, celery, beetroot, sweet potato, cauliflower and broccoli stems and leaves, zucchini, parsley, wheat grass or other veggies.
Warning: Avoid feeding any onions and it is best to also avoid tomato, potato, avocado & eggplant.
2.     Sprouted grains and seeds - a rich source of nutrients.
  1. Any soft, ripe fruits that your dog likes.

Non Essential Extras

1.      Raw nuts - are usually enjoyed by dogs as occasional treats. Avoid macadamia nuts and most seeds.

2.      Raw goat’s milk or cow’s milk - may be fed to puppies, but is not necessary for adult dogs. 

3.      Grains – but are not so necessary. These can be very hard to digest. These should only be fed to underweight dogs or those living in cold climates.

Tip: Barley, oat and rice flakes soaked overnight in water to soften are the best grains to use. These are simply soaked and served with raw meat. These can also be served with natural yoghurt as a morning meal.
You can vary the types of meat or vegetables used for each meal. This is to ensure a balance with the foods eaten. You would never consider eating the same food in day-in-day-out. So, neither is your dog. It also helps if you’ll have your own green garden. To supply your green dogs with much needed natural and balanced diet.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Celebrate Earth Day with Your Dog’s Green Pet Shampoo

There are more than a thousand ways to celebrate Earth Day. If you haven’t decided yet what to do for the Earth Day Celebration, here’s a suggestion: Make an eco-friendly shampoo for your dog.

Your green pet may not be green at all when it comes to their shampoos. Shampooing is part of their grooming routines but too much of it may not be good for them. Shampoos strip off the natural sebum that the skin produces and make the skin dry. When the skin is dry, the good bacteria which reside in the skin and fights against the infection-causing bacteria will die. Moreover, the natural oil in the skin together with the Vitamin D from the sun activates calcium metabolism needed to make string bones.

Now that’s too much about bad shampoo habits. Let’s go touch down earth’s ground and connect shampooing dogs to celebrating earth day.

Healthy shampooing by using nature-based dog shampoos will not only benefit your pets but also Mother Nature. To avoid drying your pet’s skin, not to mention conserving water at the same time, shampoo them on the rarest occasion only. Shampoo time will depend on your dog’s skin and his coat’s natural texture. The best shampoos to use are those made from natural ingredients and you can make dog shampoos yourself. Just mix equal parts of clear antibacterial soap with white vinegar then add small portions of natural oil extract when needed. Like, add a few drops of chamomile or lavender oils to remove noxious doggie odor, use apple cider vinegar instead if he has fungal infection, tea tree oil if he has fleas and tick.

There’s a lot more actually. The point is there’s a green alternative to shampooing your dogs. Switching to those green alternatives is one small step for you to help protect our environment.

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Earth Day Green Act of Cleaning Your Pet Dogs Poop

What could be the most troublesome part in taking care of your green pets? Well, nothing else but the part that you as pet parents have to clean after their waste. The amount of pet stools produced each year has a major impact on our environment. So, it's important that we clean up after our pets, most especially our pet dogs. Talking about the environment, let’s celebrate Earth Day by making sure to do our part in cleaning after every waste.
Try these few tips on better ways to deal with dog stool cleanup.
1. A great idea would be to pick up your dog’s poop. Use a scooper and flush it into the toilet. Nothing to worry because septic systems are set up to handle this kind of waste. This is the simplest and fastest way to clean up your yard.

2. If flushing is not an option for you, consider an "in-ground" dog septic system that is widely available today. These systems have been around for years now. The only difficult part is digging the hole to install the system. Other than that, it’s very use to use. It works like an underground trash can, just step on the top with your foot to drop the waste in. You can add some natural ingredients included in the purchase. These are little microbes that help break up the waste to be dissolved or absorbed by the ground.

3. There are available manure composts that you can use to break down your dog’s waste. Find an area or dig a small ditch in the backyard as a place to dispose of the stools. As it piles up, it is breaking down. So the pile tends to reach a certain size and stay that way.
For a better green living, practice even just one of those tips. It’s just a simple task that you’ll get used to. That’s if you want your dogs to live green. The fact that you own a dog, you must learn to accept that you have a responsibility. Provide a green home for your green dogs.

For a better green living, practice even just one of those tips. It’s just a simple task that you’ll get used to. That’s if you want your dogs to live green. The fact that you own a dog, you must learn to accept that you have a responsibility. Provide a green home for your green dogs.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Practice Green Pets Parenting by Recycling Dog – Related Matters

These days, so many of us are trying to embrace green living lifestyle. This is in order to lessen negative impact on the environment. One helpful way is to share some tips on ways to live greener lives with our pet dogs. Start by teaching people how to recycle dog waste as well as how to make use of recyclable products for them.
Consider the following tips on how to incorporate recycling in caring for green dogs.
Tip 1 - When shopping for dog food and treats, look for items packed in paper, aluminum or recyclable plastic rather than foils.
Tip 2 - Choose dog toys, beds and clothing that are made from recycled or sustainable materials. Such examples are hemp, recycled cotton filler or fleece made from recycled plastic bottles.
Tip 3 - Pay close attention to packaging. Stay away from non-recyclable plastics and over-packaged items.
Tip 4 - Check out companies that make a public commitment to the environment. That is by recycling packaging materials and waste products.
Tip 5 - Have a walk with your dog around the neighborhood. This is much better than using fossil fuels to drive to a dog park. This way both of you can stay fit, healthy and have fun together.
Tip 6 - Always carry a biodegradable plastic bag handy to pick up after your dog's stool. Practice some eco living tips and influence other pet parents around.
If you want to have a change, start from you and your dog. Then tell all your friends and neighbors who are pet parents too. Inform them of the good changes brought by recycling. You’ll never regret doing your part for Mother Earth. That’s how you’ll remain to be responsible green pet parents.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

First Stage of Green Dog Living: House and Garden Pet Training

The first stage in a pup’s life has greater influence on becoming a good dog. This is when you ought to train them while they’re still puppies. There should be a proper place that’s comfortable and secure. Aside from wanting to learn, you would also instill the habit on how they can become a green pet dog.

It is very useful to have some sort of playpen where the puppy can be popped when necessary. We all have days when the phone is ringing, the children are yelling and the pup is being a pest, and it is far better to put the pup in the playpen for an hour than end up getting angry with everyone.

First pen reactions

At first the pup may yelp to come out, but it is important that you teach him to remain where you wish him to be, so persevere. Obviously, you should not leave the pup in a pen for too long or he will begin to hate the area. Make sure that there are toys and perhaps a few large dog biscuits to chew on, and never take the pup out till it has stopped yelling! Do not give in – your dog must never beat you at anything.

Garden precautions

Be careful about shoving young children and puppies unsupervised into the garden just for a bit of peace – little children do not realize that they can be very cruel so please, always supervise. Puppies as pets should be given proper love and care.

Some pups pick up stones, plastic toys and other trash, which they swallow. This can cause a blockage, in which case the pup will be listless, off its food and either not passing motions or getting very liquid motions. At any sign of being off-color you should call your veterinary or surgeon. If you know that the pup is a picker-up of some trash, tell the vet so that he will know all the facts.

For green living techniques, do socialize your dogs to proper house and garden training. Start when they’re as early as a puppy. That’s when they’re easy to be trained to become wonderful green pets.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Get your Dogs to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day, being one of the best and most exciting days of the year, is fast approaching. You may already have plans of volunteering, created a list of Earth Day resolutions, and researched green companies and organizations to support. Still, this holiday will not be complete unless you share it with your best friend, no one else but your green dog.

Tips on how to keep your dogs green:

  • Attend a dog-friendly Earth Day event – there are a lot of volunteer activities especially in your own community.
  • Organize a dog park clean up – ask participants in your neighborhood. Anyway this will be for the benefit of everybody’s dogs.
  • Take a nature hike on a dog-friendly trail – walking with your dogs will be a fun and memorable experience. Take time to explore the beauty of nature and have a bonding time together.
  • Let your dog try out a natural or vegetarian diet - making your dog happy and healthy is always a priority for pet lovers. Try out a few kinds of veggie dog foods or green foods to find the right fit for your furry friend. Your dog would love to do a taste test.
  • Compost your dog’s waste – try doing this in your own backyard. This will eliminate most problems of dog owners on what to do with dog’s waste.
  • Use a natural flea control - there are eco-friendly, natural ways or chemical-free methods to kill fleas. Like with the use vinegar and salt, keeping your pet clean at all times, and making sure to clean the surroundings daily.
  • Start working out on these tips now and you may not notice that you and your pet are doing them regularly. It will be like having an Earth Day Celebration everyday.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chocolates are Green Dog’s Sweet Traitors

This should serve as a warning for all dog lovers out there. Chocolates are dangerous for your best animal friends. It is maybe good for us but it is certainly bad for them. In fact veterinarians consider it a poison. Let not your green dogs and puppies suffer. 

Accordingly, the less sweet or the darker the chocolates, the more harmful it gets. Chocolates contain the chemical called theobromine which stimulates the central nervous system causing seizures, heart damage and too much urination leading to dehydration.

Theobromine’s half-life is about 17.5 hours. So if your furry friend has eaten chocolates a week ago and nothing bad happened to him, he had probably eliminated the toxin. But dogs can develop a craving for chocolates just like us, so be careful not to let them have more.

Just in case Fluffy gets naughty and ransacks a bagful of Reese’s, take note of the symptoms of chocolate poisoning so you know what to do. He gets hyperactive and frequently twitches. Worse thing that can happen is he can have diarrhea, seizures and will be vomiting. This should prompt you to bring him to the vet ASAP. Vets consider it an emergency case to be taken under the Intensive Care Unit.

You may think that sharing chocolates with your best animal buddy is cute - a gesture of love and affection for him but it would be better to avoid the practice. You now know that the sweet chocolates are your dog’s traitors. A healthier and greener practice is to keep treats on hand that are formulated from NATURAL sources, green foods that are beneficial for your beloved dog.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Go Natural with Your Green Dog Treats

Imagine your little green puppy jogging around your feet then stops, looks up to you with eager hopeful eyes while you take out the pup cakes from the oven. I don’t know how they know it’s delicious but they just know. And the look on there faces? It’s priceless.

Cooking treats for your furrykid ensures you’re giving them the right food treats with the right stuff. Because it is you who made it, you can have the liberty to select the ingredients that you know are good for their health plus the fact that you can personally assure the quality of the ingredients. You can make treats that are as natural or less processed as possible, which you know are highly recommended by the animal experts. Moreover, you get to toss to them only fresh food treats. It would be a good bonding session for you and your pet while giving them a green, healthy lifestyle.

If you’re somewhat busy and do not have the time to make treats by yourself, there are available dog treats in the pet section in supermarkets. Don’t be duped though by the extra benefits that these products claim on their labels. Always check on the ingredients. It pays to check the label.  Go for those made from natural stuff and it would be better if you can see if it is FDA approved.

Going green with dog’s treat can have more benefits than giving your pets a healthier, happier and greener lifestyle. The return of the treat goes back to you in doubles. You get to enjoy life with your best furry buddy and discreetly save our environment from becoming artificial.   

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Green Water for Green Dogs

Dogs, like humans are made up of almost 80% water. They too need it in order to survive. But not just any water! Your green pet dogs needs green water.

A trivia from says that an animal can still survive even it has lost all its fat and half of its protein but it can get serious ill when it lost even just about 10% of body water. Water therefore is of utmost importance in your furrykid’s life. There are lots of water sources your dog can drink from. There’s tap water, purified water, distilled water, rain water, water from rivers, ponds, streams, drainage canals and even water in your toilet bowls.

As you all know, water is also a favorite hub for harmful parasites like Giardia which also likes to live in the mucous lining of the intestines. These notorious organisms can cause diarrhea in humans and worse effect in smaller animals.

Hence, the quality of water you give to your dog should also be taken into consideration. Bottled water especially formulated for dogs are available in pet markets. Some vets, though, say that giving them the same water that you drink is enough.

To ensure you pet dog is living a clean a lifestyle, give them water that is also clean, pure - free from microorganisms and harmful chemicals, with enough minerals in it to hydrate the body. That’s green water. And don’t forget: give it FRESH!

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Need to Care for Newborn Puppies

Animals have instincts and we wittingly call it animal instinct. Yeah right. It is what keeps them surviving without being taught. On instinct, male dogs can identify female dogs ready for mating. On instinct, an expectant bitch can give birth without the help of a midwife. On instinct, they can take care of her newborn puppies on her own. But can they, really?

Some breeders stick to no intervention during whelping or postnatal care for reasons that raising the litter is intuitive and automatic for the bitch. Some breeders, though, believed that Mother Nature can accept a helping hand especially during emergencies to avoid puppy losses. I agree with the latter.

Accordingly, animals live on the proverbial expression, “survival of the fittest.” But experience shows that those puppies that survive don’t necessarily follow to be the fittest, strongest or the best ones. The first week of a dog’s life is the most critical stage of its life. Thus, early care and the environment of the neonatal puppy are of extreme importance. Bitches with first time litter tend to be more restless, flighty and nervous. Their behavior can put the newborn’s lives at risk for they might step or lay on them or do the unspeakable like eat them! Human intervention can save the lives of the little ones until the dam learns to care for her young ones.

Nature runs on its own laws but we are part of it. Sometimes, we let nature run on its own but at times, we need to intervene to help it. How much more can we lend a hand for caring the newborns of dogs living under our roofs? Plus, only we, humans, know how to green our pet animals for a healthier and eco-friendly lifestyle.

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