Thursday, April 29, 2010

Discover the Secrets of a Walking Habit with your Green Pet Dog

What happens when your dog sees the leash? Probably they can’t wait any longer and wiggles all over with excitement. Walking is as beneficial to your green pet as it is to you. However, it’s not just exercise and a bathroom break for your pooch. Your dogs need social interaction and mental stimulation in addition to fresh air and exercise.
As eco pets, these are some health benefits that your dogs can get from walking:

Weight Control
Walking can be a dog’s regular exercise. It promotes the physical well-being and longevity of your dog. It supports cardiovascular health, builds muscle, and strengthens joints while keeping weight under control.

The number one disease found in most dogs of all ages is obesity. It can lead to major medical problems including arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, liver disease, bladder problems and many types of cancer. The weight loss benefit that comes from walking can alleviate and may even help prevent many of these debilitating ailments.

Behavioral Solutions
A green dog’s psychological health is just as important as his physical health. Walking plays a key role in your dog’s mental well-being.

Socialization means introducing your dog to different environments as possible. The many different dogs, humans, smells, and noises that your dogs encounter on regular walking create an ideal environment for healthy socialization.

Pet guardianship can give health benefits too. Research studies have found some health benefits offered by pets to their owners.
  • People walking their dogs are seen as friendly and approachable.
  • Stroking and patting your dogs can reduce the physiological indicators of stress, including high blood pressure.
  • The non-judgmental companionship and unconditional love offered by dogs are known to have considerable mental health benefits for pet guardians, including increased self-esteem.
Also have benefits to share for the community. Research has found that owning a pet can also benefit the whole community. Dog parents are more likely to:
  • Acknowledge and greet other people in the neighborhood
  • Exchange favors with their neighbors

Walking is known to be the best exercise for any age or lifestyle.  Doing it soon after he eats is the time most likely to urinate and defecate. Take a walk with your dog. Discover nature’s beauty together. Your dog deserves to live green, enjoy, be safe and be healthy.

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