Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Green Ways of Potty Training a Puppy

Potty training is an important kind of training for your puppy’s needs. In fact when you think of training your puppy, potty training is listed on top. Different breeds have different trainings. You need to be extremely patient with the puppy. Pet Puppies are after all babies. They need a lot of time to master potty procedure.

Puppies don’t have full control over their bowels or bladders. At times when they don’t know yet where to go, they can’t keep it holding any longer. Actually, it’s your job to keep them away from the carpets until they get fully potty
trained. Always follow some guidelines that can help in your potty training.

Before buying a puppy, make sure to buy it from a conscientious breeder who has started potty training already. When you can’t watch over your puppy, prefer to confine or crate him. You can also ask other members of the family to do exactly the same. You can confine him to a room that has washable or easy to clean tiles. Just in cases where the puppy is not yet completely potty trained.

Schedule your puppy’s daily activities.

1)      Always feed him about the same time everyday.
2)      Always make him go to bed same time everyday.
3)      Take him out to potty after each and every meal.
4)      Also take him out after an active play section, as he gets up from a nap, and in the morning wee hours.

Remember not to play with your puppy while you take him to potty so he will take his lessons seriously.

For green pets, this is totally beneficial and helpful. You have been learning to keep the environment safe and clean for your pets to live comfortably. So it’s good that you’ll start at early stages, have a strong foundation of training with your green dogs.

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