Monday, April 26, 2010

Ways to Prevent Your Green Pet Dogs from Suffering Dehydration

Few weeks ago, we have discussed the importance of green water for your green dogs. It was a very interesting fact that we have learned. If not given attention, something bad might happen to your green pets.
Dogs pets can suffer from dehydration. This can get serious and may lead to death. It's not like when humans get dehydrated. After drinking some water, they can cool off and will recover quickly. It’s harder for dogs to recover.
Cause & Prevention
Dehydration in dogs occurs when there is an extreme loss of bodily fluids. As eco pets, they always need a fresh supply of water. Indoors, make sure there’s at least one large bowl of water. During hot and humid summer months, try to keep them indoors. Sometimes, you can still keep them outside. Provided they have access to not only a constant supply of water, but also shady areas in which to rest.
Check some symptoms
Some signs to check out are:
 if the skin becomes tight
 if the eyes dry out
 if the tongue and nose dries
 have problems with the circulatory system
A sure sign of dehydration: Push your finger into his gums until the area under your finger turns white. If the color does not quickly return to normal, a delay is a sign of fluid loss, thus the dog is dehydrated.
First Aid Treatment
Once you determine that your dog is probably dehydrated,
 you need to cool him off and start replenishing fluids, but not too much.
 start wrapping his head and underbelly in a cool & wet towel.
 then take him to the vet immediately. The vet needs to do a full health check to make sure of the dog’s safety.
May the situation be caused by sickness, heat exposure, or lack of water intake; dehydration must be taken care of immediately. If it lasts for too long, your dogs organs can start failing and they will die. So, proper health care must be practiced for your green dogs. To stay green, drink green and live green.

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