Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Top Seven Harmful Foods for your Green Pet Dogs

Dogs must have proper care and attention when it comes to giving them food to eat. It’s not just enough that you will feed them any kinds of food. Especially, there are plenty of harmful foods for your green pets.
Here’s a list:
Top 1: Chocolate – this is the most toxic food you should never give your dogs. White chocolate is the least harmful. Baking chocolate is the worst. But please, don’t give them any kind.
Top 2: Grapes and Raisins - these are harmful because they can cause kidney failure. Even though they might seem tasty, they can cause serious problems.
Top 3: Onions - they can be very bad for your dog’s digestive system especially if taken in large amounts.
Top 4: Bones – you may heard already that chicken bones are bad for dogs. Actually, all types of bones are not good. These bones could become dislodged in their intestines and cause ruptures.
Top 5: Milk and other types of milk based products - your dogs have a lack of enzyme that can digest lactose. It’s best to try not to give them milk as they might have digestive problems.
Top 6: Any spicy food - can harm your pet dog’s stomach. You don’t need to put spice just so they will eat.
Top 7: Rotting food or any type of food that is meant to be thrown out - many people thought that it’s fine to give these kinds of food to their dogs. The fact is that this can be a danger to your dog’s health.
Keep these seven foods in mind. Don’t ever give them anything that’s in the list. Be aware of what your dogs eat. Remember these important guidelines whenever you are considering sharing table scraps with your pets. In order to be safe, give your dogs green food instead.

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Save your Green Pet Dog from the Dangers of Secondhand Smoke

You already know that smoking is dangerous for your health and those around you. But did you know that it hurts your green pets, too? The residue from smoking is known as secondhand smoke. When inhaled or ingested by your pets, it can cause them to develop cancer and other diseases.
If your dogs will be exposed constantly to secondhand smoke, they will be prone to eye irritation and lung diseases. It is also known to cause wheezing, coughing, hyperventilating, depression and lethargy.
Equally worrisome is that whenever your pets will accidentally eat anything that contains nicotine from cigarettes. This situation is usual for puppies and dogs. Since, they have the tendency to make chew toys out of anything.
So, how will you protect your pet dogs from secondhand smoking?
1) Smoke outside the house
Limit your smoking to outside of the house and away from your pets. This will reduce the exposure of secondhand smoke to your dogs.
2) Regular brushing and grooming

Residual smoke may land on your dog’s coat. It’s important that they are always clean as they like to lick their coat or hair too.
3) Good ventilation

Proper ventilation and air filters will also speed up the process of clearing the smoke gas in the air.

4) Regular cleaning of the house
Keep away all nicotine containing items out of your dog’s reach. This is in order to reduce the chance of your dog accidentally eating nicotine.
For green living, the best solution of all is to stop smoking. If you’ve been thinking about quitting, perhaps now is the best time. This is for both you and your dog’s health.

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Which Food Bowl is Best for your Green Pet Dog?

The much awaited part in your green pets life is definitely meal time. If this is such the case, your pet dogs must enjoy their fifteen to twenty minutes of eating good and green food. Thus, it’s also important to have a comfortable food bowl. One that is safe to use and might as well be eco friendly too.

The stainless steel dog bowl is the pick for almost all dog parents. The question is - do you also want it for your green dog? We will go over each of the bowls characteristics.

1) Plastic Bowls come in various shapes, colors and sizes. They are

•    unbreakable and not heavy                 
•    safe to be put in a dishwasher
•    inexpensive

This bowl may not be the perfect choice for your pets. Since they can be easily chewed and scratched, thus leaving places for bacteria to breed. Also, some dogs are allergic to plastic. This can result in a skin irritation on the chin and face.

2) Ceramic Bowls also come in various styles and colors to suit your taste. They are often decorated with cool designs. They

•    weigh more so they don't move around as much
•    can be cleaned easily because of their glazed coating (provided they are lead-free)

But also, they can be too heavy. They tend to break easily because of its porous material. The cracks go unnoticed also giving bacteria a place to breed.

3) Stainless Steel Bowls can be your other choice. They are

•    long lasting – the most durable bowls that you can buy
•    safe in dishwashers
•    skid proofing on bottom
•    easy to clean
•    no places for bacteria to hide

The only drawback of a stainless steel bowl is that they are more expensive and does not come in various colors and designs.

After looking at each of the characteristics, do you now have a better choice? No matter what type of dog food bowl you wish to buy – ask yourself these things. Are they safe to use for your green pet dogs? Are they made from eco friendly materials? Are they suitable for the kind of dog breed you have? Whatever gets three yes answers that should the best choice.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Green Home Remedies for Sick Pet Dogs

Whenever your green pets feel sick, they can’t always be cured by taking medications. You may not know the safe medicines for every type of ailments. But do you know you can treat your dog with some simple home remedies?

Try these five home remedy tips:
1) Vitamin E isn’t only good for treating wrinkles on your face. It’s also great for your dog’s dry skin. You can give him a massage by applying vitamin E oil to the skin.
2) Sports waters or pediatric drinks not only help athletes replenish fluids and babies rehydrate after an illness. It can also supply your sick pooch’s body with much needed fluids. This is usually given after suffering from diarrhea or vomiting.

3) A healthy treat for your dog is plain yogurt. The live acidophilus in it keeps the bad bacteria in the intestines down to a manageable level. Puppies pets are especially prone to yeast infections, so a little plain yogurt as snack can help keep things in balance.
4) Chamomile tea uses the natural disinfecting effects of the chamomile plant to settle upset doggy tummies. It can also alleviate minor skin irritations once chilled and sprayed onto the affected area on the dog's raw skin.
5) Finely ground oatmeal stirred into a bath of warm water can alleviate your dog’s itchiness. Dogs with skin allergies, infections, and other diseases have been shown to gain immediate relief with this approach, too.
Home remedies aren't just for people. It’s important that as pet parents, you would know how to take care of your dog when he’s feeling a little under the weather. These easy home remedies can cheer up your green pet dog. Most of all, it'll help keep your baby from crying like a hound dog.

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