Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Top Seven Harmful Foods for your Green Pet Dogs

Dogs must have proper care and attention when it comes to giving them food to eat. It’s not just enough that you will feed them any kinds of food. Especially, there are plenty of harmful foods for your green pets.
Here’s a list:
Top 1: Chocolate – this is the most toxic food you should never give your dogs. White chocolate is the least harmful. Baking chocolate is the worst. But please, don’t give them any kind.
Top 2: Grapes and Raisins - these are harmful because they can cause kidney failure. Even though they might seem tasty, they can cause serious problems.
Top 3: Onions - they can be very bad for your dog’s digestive system especially if taken in large amounts.
Top 4: Bones – you may heard already that chicken bones are bad for dogs. Actually, all types of bones are not good. These bones could become dislodged in their intestines and cause ruptures.
Top 5: Milk and other types of milk based products - your dogs have a lack of enzyme that can digest lactose. It’s best to try not to give them milk as they might have digestive problems.
Top 6: Any spicy food - can harm your pet dog’s stomach. You don’t need to put spice just so they will eat.
Top 7: Rotting food or any type of food that is meant to be thrown out - many people thought that it’s fine to give these kinds of food to their dogs. The fact is that this can be a danger to your dog’s health.
Keep these seven foods in mind. Don’t ever give them anything that’s in the list. Be aware of what your dogs eat. Remember these important guidelines whenever you are considering sharing table scraps with your pets. In order to be safe, give your dogs green food instead.

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