Sunday, May 9, 2010

Save your Green Pet Dog from the Dangers of Secondhand Smoke

You already know that smoking is dangerous for your health and those around you. But did you know that it hurts your green pets, too? The residue from smoking is known as secondhand smoke. When inhaled or ingested by your pets, it can cause them to develop cancer and other diseases.
If your dogs will be exposed constantly to secondhand smoke, they will be prone to eye irritation and lung diseases. It is also known to cause wheezing, coughing, hyperventilating, depression and lethargy.
Equally worrisome is that whenever your pets will accidentally eat anything that contains nicotine from cigarettes. This situation is usual for puppies and dogs. Since, they have the tendency to make chew toys out of anything.
So, how will you protect your pet dogs from secondhand smoking?
1) Smoke outside the house
Limit your smoking to outside of the house and away from your pets. This will reduce the exposure of secondhand smoke to your dogs.
2) Regular brushing and grooming

Residual smoke may land on your dog’s coat. It’s important that they are always clean as they like to lick their coat or hair too.
3) Good ventilation

Proper ventilation and air filters will also speed up the process of clearing the smoke gas in the air.

4) Regular cleaning of the house
Keep away all nicotine containing items out of your dog’s reach. This is in order to reduce the chance of your dog accidentally eating nicotine.
For green living, the best solution of all is to stop smoking. If you’ve been thinking about quitting, perhaps now is the best time. This is for both you and your dog’s health.

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