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Green Food Tips for your Pet Dogs Diet

Green Food Tips for your Pet Dogs Diet

What would be the best food to feed your dogs? One thing’s for sure, green dogs should be fed with green food. This can be a natural diet consisting of raw, natural food. The processed, canned and dry dog foods are not recommended for optimum health.
Raw meat and bones - should approximately consist of 60 to 70 % of daily ration.
1.      Free-range chicken, rabbit, mutton, duck, lamb, turkey and beef can be fed with the bones and some of the fat left on.
2.      Fresh or lightly steamed fish - bones removed.
3.      Free range organic chicken livers, heart or other offal - once or twice every week.
4.      Free range eggs – that are not more than two or three per week. Shell included if the dog likes them. 
Vegetables, Fruit & Sprouts – should approximately consist of 30 to 40 % of daily ration.
1.      Raw vegetables finely minced or pureed - include carrot, celery, beetroot, sweet potato, cauliflower and broccoli stems and leaves, zucchini, parsley, wheat grass or other veggies.
Warning: Avoid feeding any onions and it is best to also avoid tomato, potato, avocado & eggplant.
2.     Sprouted grains and seeds - a rich source of nutrients.
  1. Any soft, ripe fruits that your dog likes.

Non Essential Extras

1.      Raw nuts - are usually enjoyed by dogs as occasional treats. Avoid macadamia nuts and most seeds.

2.      Raw goat’s milk or cow’s milk - may be fed to puppies, but is not necessary for adult dogs. 

3.      Grains – but are not so necessary. These can be very hard to digest. These should only be fed to underweight dogs or those living in cold climates.

Tip: Barley, oat and rice flakes soaked overnight in water to soften are the best grains to use. These are simply soaked and served with raw meat. These can also be served with natural yoghurt as a morning meal.
You can vary the types of meat or vegetables used for each meal. This is to ensure a balance with the foods eaten. You would never consider eating the same food in day-in-day-out. So, neither is your dog. It also helps if you’ll have your own green garden. To supply your green dogs with much needed natural and balanced diet.

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