Thursday, April 15, 2010

Get your Dogs to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day, being one of the best and most exciting days of the year, is fast approaching. You may already have plans of volunteering, created a list of Earth Day resolutions, and researched green companies and organizations to support. Still, this holiday will not be complete unless you share it with your best friend, no one else but your green dog.

Tips on how to keep your dogs green:

  • Attend a dog-friendly Earth Day event – there are a lot of volunteer activities especially in your own community.
  • Organize a dog park clean up – ask participants in your neighborhood. Anyway this will be for the benefit of everybody’s dogs.
  • Take a nature hike on a dog-friendly trail – walking with your dogs will be a fun and memorable experience. Take time to explore the beauty of nature and have a bonding time together.
  • Let your dog try out a natural or vegetarian diet - making your dog happy and healthy is always a priority for pet lovers. Try out a few kinds of veggie dog foods or green foods to find the right fit for your furry friend. Your dog would love to do a taste test.
  • Compost your dog’s waste – try doing this in your own backyard. This will eliminate most problems of dog owners on what to do with dog’s waste.
  • Use a natural flea control - there are eco-friendly, natural ways or chemical-free methods to kill fleas. Like with the use vinegar and salt, keeping your pet clean at all times, and making sure to clean the surroundings daily.
  • Start working out on these tips now and you may not notice that you and your pet are doing them regularly. It will be like having an Earth Day Celebration everyday.


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