Sunday, April 11, 2010

Green Water for Green Dogs

Dogs, like humans are made up of almost 80% water. They too need it in order to survive. But not just any water! Your green pet dogs needs green water.

A trivia from says that an animal can still survive even it has lost all its fat and half of its protein but it can get serious ill when it lost even just about 10% of body water. Water therefore is of utmost importance in your furrykid’s life. There are lots of water sources your dog can drink from. There’s tap water, purified water, distilled water, rain water, water from rivers, ponds, streams, drainage canals and even water in your toilet bowls.

As you all know, water is also a favorite hub for harmful parasites like Giardia which also likes to live in the mucous lining of the intestines. These notorious organisms can cause diarrhea in humans and worse effect in smaller animals.

Hence, the quality of water you give to your dog should also be taken into consideration. Bottled water especially formulated for dogs are available in pet markets. Some vets, though, say that giving them the same water that you drink is enough.

To ensure you pet dog is living a clean a lifestyle, give them water that is also clean, pure - free from microorganisms and harmful chemicals, with enough minerals in it to hydrate the body. That’s green water. And don’t forget: give it FRESH!

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