Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Go Natural with Your Green Dog Treats

Imagine your little green puppy jogging around your feet then stops, looks up to you with eager hopeful eyes while you take out the pup cakes from the oven. I don’t know how they know it’s delicious but they just know. And the look on there faces? It’s priceless.

Cooking treats for your furrykid ensures you’re giving them the right food treats with the right stuff. Because it is you who made it, you can have the liberty to select the ingredients that you know are good for their health plus the fact that you can personally assure the quality of the ingredients. You can make treats that are as natural or less processed as possible, which you know are highly recommended by the animal experts. Moreover, you get to toss to them only fresh food treats. It would be a good bonding session for you and your pet while giving them a green, healthy lifestyle.

If you’re somewhat busy and do not have the time to make treats by yourself, there are available dog treats in the pet section in supermarkets. Don’t be duped though by the extra benefits that these products claim on their labels. Always check on the ingredients. It pays to check the label.  Go for those made from natural stuff and it would be better if you can see if it is FDA approved.

Going green with dog’s treat can have more benefits than giving your pets a healthier, happier and greener lifestyle. The return of the treat goes back to you in doubles. You get to enjoy life with your best furry buddy and discreetly save our environment from becoming artificial.   

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