Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chocolates are Green Dog’s Sweet Traitors

This should serve as a warning for all dog lovers out there. Chocolates are dangerous for your best animal friends. It is maybe good for us but it is certainly bad for them. In fact veterinarians consider it a poison. Let not your green dogs and puppies suffer. 

Accordingly, the less sweet or the darker the chocolates, the more harmful it gets. Chocolates contain the chemical called theobromine which stimulates the central nervous system causing seizures, heart damage and too much urination leading to dehydration.

Theobromine’s half-life is about 17.5 hours. So if your furry friend has eaten chocolates a week ago and nothing bad happened to him, he had probably eliminated the toxin. But dogs can develop a craving for chocolates just like us, so be careful not to let them have more.

Just in case Fluffy gets naughty and ransacks a bagful of Reese’s, take note of the symptoms of chocolate poisoning so you know what to do. He gets hyperactive and frequently twitches. Worse thing that can happen is he can have diarrhea, seizures and will be vomiting. This should prompt you to bring him to the vet ASAP. Vets consider it an emergency case to be taken under the Intensive Care Unit.

You may think that sharing chocolates with your best animal buddy is cute - a gesture of love and affection for him but it would be better to avoid the practice. You now know that the sweet chocolates are your dog’s traitors. A healthier and greener practice is to keep treats on hand that are formulated from NATURAL sources, green foods that are beneficial for your beloved dog.

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