Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Practice Green Pets Parenting by Recycling Dog – Related Matters

These days, so many of us are trying to embrace green living lifestyle. This is in order to lessen negative impact on the environment. One helpful way is to share some tips on ways to live greener lives with our pet dogs. Start by teaching people how to recycle dog waste as well as how to make use of recyclable products for them.
Consider the following tips on how to incorporate recycling in caring for green dogs.
Tip 1 - When shopping for dog food and treats, look for items packed in paper, aluminum or recyclable plastic rather than foils.
Tip 2 - Choose dog toys, beds and clothing that are made from recycled or sustainable materials. Such examples are hemp, recycled cotton filler or fleece made from recycled plastic bottles.
Tip 3 - Pay close attention to packaging. Stay away from non-recyclable plastics and over-packaged items.
Tip 4 - Check out companies that make a public commitment to the environment. That is by recycling packaging materials and waste products.
Tip 5 - Have a walk with your dog around the neighborhood. This is much better than using fossil fuels to drive to a dog park. This way both of you can stay fit, healthy and have fun together.
Tip 6 - Always carry a biodegradable plastic bag handy to pick up after your dog's stool. Practice some eco living tips and influence other pet parents around.
If you want to have a change, start from you and your dog. Then tell all your friends and neighbors who are pet parents too. Inform them of the good changes brought by recycling. You’ll never regret doing your part for Mother Earth. That’s how you’ll remain to be responsible green pet parents.

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