Tuesday, April 20, 2010

First Stage of Green Dog Living: House and Garden Pet Training

The first stage in a pup’s life has greater influence on becoming a good dog. This is when you ought to train them while they’re still puppies. There should be a proper place that’s comfortable and secure. Aside from wanting to learn, you would also instill the habit on how they can become a green pet dog.

It is very useful to have some sort of playpen where the puppy can be popped when necessary. We all have days when the phone is ringing, the children are yelling and the pup is being a pest, and it is far better to put the pup in the playpen for an hour than end up getting angry with everyone.

First pen reactions

At first the pup may yelp to come out, but it is important that you teach him to remain where you wish him to be, so persevere. Obviously, you should not leave the pup in a pen for too long or he will begin to hate the area. Make sure that there are toys and perhaps a few large dog biscuits to chew on, and never take the pup out till it has stopped yelling! Do not give in – your dog must never beat you at anything.

Garden precautions

Be careful about shoving young children and puppies unsupervised into the garden just for a bit of peace – little children do not realize that they can be very cruel so please, always supervise. Puppies as pets should be given proper love and care.

Some pups pick up stones, plastic toys and other trash, which they swallow. This can cause a blockage, in which case the pup will be listless, off its food and either not passing motions or getting very liquid motions. At any sign of being off-color you should call your veterinary or surgeon. If you know that the pup is a picker-up of some trash, tell the vet so that he will know all the facts.

For green living techniques, do socialize your dogs to proper house and garden training. Start when they’re as early as a puppy. That’s when they’re easy to be trained to become wonderful green pets.

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