Thursday, April 22, 2010

Celebrate Earth Day with Your Dog’s Green Pet Shampoo

There are more than a thousand ways to celebrate Earth Day. If you haven’t decided yet what to do for the Earth Day Celebration, here’s a suggestion: Make an eco-friendly shampoo for your dog.

Your green pet may not be green at all when it comes to their shampoos. Shampooing is part of their grooming routines but too much of it may not be good for them. Shampoos strip off the natural sebum that the skin produces and make the skin dry. When the skin is dry, the good bacteria which reside in the skin and fights against the infection-causing bacteria will die. Moreover, the natural oil in the skin together with the Vitamin D from the sun activates calcium metabolism needed to make string bones.

Now that’s too much about bad shampoo habits. Let’s go touch down earth’s ground and connect shampooing dogs to celebrating earth day.

Healthy shampooing by using nature-based dog shampoos will not only benefit your pets but also Mother Nature. To avoid drying your pet’s skin, not to mention conserving water at the same time, shampoo them on the rarest occasion only. Shampoo time will depend on your dog’s skin and his coat’s natural texture. The best shampoos to use are those made from natural ingredients and you can make dog shampoos yourself. Just mix equal parts of clear antibacterial soap with white vinegar then add small portions of natural oil extract when needed. Like, add a few drops of chamomile or lavender oils to remove noxious doggie odor, use apple cider vinegar instead if he has fungal infection, tea tree oil if he has fleas and tick.

There’s a lot more actually. The point is there’s a green alternative to shampooing your dogs. Switching to those green alternatives is one small step for you to help protect our environment.

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